About Us
About Elkhart Public Auto Auction

Since 2002, Elkhart Public Auto Auction has been providing a venue where the public can "Buy like the dealers do!" Elkhart Public Auto Auction has held over 1000 public car auctions in Elkhart, IN and thousands of satisfied customers have purchased vehicles at deep discounts to retail prices. These are cars that are ready to drive off a car dealers lot - At Wholesale Prices!

Elkhart Public Auto Auction is one of the largest public auto auctions in the Michiana. EPAA is now operating in its newly remodeled 10,500 square foot facility, including the EPAA administrative offices, reconditioning center, auto detailing center, transportation center, and two lane sales arena.

EPAA specializes in the sale of finance company and bank repossessions, new and used car dealership trade-ins, publicly consigned vehicles and donated vehicles. Ninty-nine percent of the vehicles offered at EPAA are driven through the auction ring. Seventy-five percent of the vehicles are eligible for a service agreement (to be purchased at a small cost).

Elkhart Public Auto Auction hosts live public consignment sales at the auction facility every Thursday at 6:00 PM.